Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leading with Compassion

In today’s society, leaders can get very busy. They can get very caught up in who they are and what they have to do; and, at times, they can forget about their followers. It’s very important, that as leaders, we show compassion towards our followers. Show your followers that you have a heart. Show them that you’re high in consideration. There are studies that indicate that leaders, who are high in consideration, have followers who are high in connectivity and productivity. These are factors that can actually help an organization to make more money.

So you wonder how you increase that level of connectivity. Well, one way is through openness. Set aside a time where you can talk to your followers about anything, and they can talk to you about anything. They can come to you. They can share whatever’s on their hearts. Now, I’m not telling you to get caught up in their drama or give them yours, but I’m saying for you to show them that you are human and that you appreciate their humanity.

Also, within those talks, let your employees know that you value trust so whatever they say stays with you. You’re not going to leak their information. When you develop this sense of opennessand trust, your followers are likely to be more connected to you and your organization. This can actually help them to be more effective in what they do.

Now, I’ve talked about organizations and followers and leaders. What I’ve talked about can translate into any area of leadership so if you’re a leader in your home, and you’re that parent or family member who looks after other family members, then what I’ve said can apply to you. Have a sense of openness, a sense of trust, and your followers are more likely to connect to you and your organization. Also, they’re more likely to be productive.

I’m Jovi “Professor Jovi” Brown. Thank you for listening. Until next time, let’s think better and do better. You can leave comments for this blog, right here, on, or you can leave comments on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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