Monday, July 25, 2011

Leading with Assertiveness

As leaders, it’s very important that we are assertive. Assertiveness is an element of emotional intelligence. It’s basically your ability to say what needs to be said at a given time. If you look at it, assertive leaders can actually help an organization to become more effective.

For example, if you have an organization in which a leader waits until things happen or fires occur, takes a laissez fair approach, and might say something in order to put a fire out, then that person’s organization could be less effective than a leader who prevents fires from happening. The assertive leader actually stands up and says what needs to be said in order to prevent mess or disruption within the organizational processes. Having a level of assertiveness can actually save an organization time and money and increase an organization’s productivity which can lead to the organization having more money.

So, how can you increase your assertiveness? Well, one way is to practice assertiveness. Put yourself in situations in which you have to stand up for yourself or someone else. Remember that practice makes perfect.

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  1. Your so right and that is the problem with our country. Our so called political leader never, never get ahead of a problem. They just try to put the fires out after fanning them for a while.

  2. @Richard, thank you for your comment. In politics and life, fanning fires can help them spread. What do you think?

  3. Yes and you do not want to spread the flames. You want to put them out. You want to head off problems so the never turn into embers that can be fanned. Politicians by nature are selfish and self centered and are only interested in accumulating power and wealth for themselves. Which of course includes getting elected again. So they are not risk takers they play the odds that favor themselves. They could not care less for the people they represent as they represent themselves only. All of that means don't get involved unless the house is burning. They will never think there might be a problem 3 or 4 years down the road, let get ahead of that problem. No they will wait for 5 or 6 years and then try to fix what was not broken when the problem was foreseeable.

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